Very good political and ironically titled film

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The war in Afghanistan is one of the most pressing contemporary public opinion conflicts. Many people (especially young people) do not realize, however, the case, who really contributed to its outbreak. If you think that Osama bin Laden and the September 11 attacks, then yes, you're right. Just ask yourself the question - where did the most wanted terrorist in the world? You can look for answers in the 80s of the twentieth century, when the aggression on Afghanistan held USSR.

Of course, the attack on the Soviets to now an independent state in the Middle East is not like the United States. Americans, however, not wanting to cause global conflict, Afghans rushed to help your interview. Unfortunately, this operation has been designed quite modest, pięciomilionowy budget. After a visit to one of the refugee camps on the border with Pakistan to the action hero enters a fact-based film Mike Nichols' Charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks). Congressman from Texas, supported by his rich friend, an ardent communist Joanne Herring (Julia Roberts) and Tastes Avrakotosa (Philip Seymour Hoffman) tie the American-Israeli-Egyptian-Pakistani-Saudi agreement, the purpose of which is financial, military and training support to the Afghan Mujahideen. Everything is done quietly, that the Soviet army had no basis and evidence to conclude that the US took even indirectly involved in the war.

It is worth noting that Charlie Wilson, thanks to their efforts increased the budget for the warriors in Afghanistan from the initial $ 5 million to $ 1 billion a trifle! Pronounced Mike Nichols image seems to be quite different. These are not the same praises the praises of Texas congressman.

The end of the film clearly shows that, among others, are actions Charlie Wilson, Gusta Avrakotosa, Joanne Herring, and the complete lack of support for war-torn Afghanistan has caused in the region that appeared to support the Taliban terrorism, the consequence of which was Al-Qaeda and the numerous events of the 90s, September 11 and subsequent attacks. Americans by eliminating one threat (ie. The Communists), has created a next - Islamic fanatics, which could give his life for Allah and the Koran.

 "Charlie Wilson's War" is very good, political, and quite ironically titled (think about whether the creator had in mind conflict with 80s, or perhaps the present?) Movie. Tom Hanks may not have the time to play such a daring role, as in "Cast Away" or "Terminal", but still perfectly fulfill its task.

I personally enjoyed the most playing Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Maybe that's why Gust Avrakotos is quite distinctive character? Image by Mike Nichols wholeheartedly recommend - if you like this kind of movies, then go to the cinema, while "Charlie Wilson's War" is displayed. We highly encourage you to ..