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When discussing the use of social media as a advertising tool for company, generally it is only the big names such as Facebook and Twitter that grab the spotlight. The reasons are apparent. They are the most popular social media platforms with a fan following operating into millions. Which entrepreneur would not want to capitalize on such an expansive following for his company?

Nevertheless, there are numerous more lesser-known social platforms that do equally well to market your company in the online marketplace. Instagram is one to name. Instagram provides you an simple way to not only develop your company but also to attain your targeted audience. This article discusses why your company should leverage Instagram as a marketing tool.

There Are Much more Active Customers Than You Think

Instagram has managed to earn much more than 150 million active users. The quantity may still be smaller than that of the two social media biggies talked about at the start, but what must be noted is the time period in which it has managed such growth. It made its debut only in 2010 so, that is really commendable. It also shows guarantee for future development.

The Business-Like Feel

If compared Facebook and Twitter have a tendency to be more personal. Instagram has a business feel to it. This is exactly where 70% of the world's leading brands play. It means some serious company. A survey showed that Instagram customers tend to share, like and comment on brand postings far more frequently than that observed on other social media sites.

Visual Appeal

The capability to share stories and experiences visually via visual content material is also a factor that continues to add users to this social site. Consumers prefer visual content because it is easier to study, understand and share rather than having to sift through pages and pages of content. On Instagram, you can post higher high quality photographs and videos that are genuine to your business.

You can use such visual content to tell the story of your business and to build a personality for your business. You can use it to showcase what occurs behind the scenes adding transparency to your company.

Flexibility in Editing

With Instagram, you do not only have an opportunity to upload original pictures and videos, but also edit them to make them most relevant to your business. The filters permit you to add the effects you want by playing with colors, vignettes and lines. All this can assist establish a strong brand appeal for your business with out really costing you a lot.

It Is For All Companies

When you think about Instagram and the visual content it works with, the first thing that comes to thoughts is that it is very best suited for item-primarily based businesses. They could possibly place up photographs of the products they are selling or item demo videos. The use of Instagram is not restricted to a particular company. Product and service-based businesses can use this social media platform alike. How you use it relies heavily on your inventive ability.

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