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A lot of guys complain to me that they never have sex with the girls they want. They get all excited about hooking up with a girl at a bar or going on a couple of dates or even obtaining her quantity. But they do not end up having sex with her.

Part of the problem is a great time of occasions elapsed since that initial "spark" was on and by the time they get to the phase when they think sex is on the table it is really off the table. The reason becoming is the girl lost interested in them by that stage.

The more time you leave it the much more unlikely it will occur. The primary purpose being you are most likely going to do things that will cause her to shed any attraction in you she may have. This is being done subconsciously. You cannot help it because you cannot always be at your very best when you meet a girl. Also because she truly desires to have sex with her, she is going to smell that desperation and will ultimately pull back.

Well fortunately there is a answer. The answer is to have sex sooner rather than later. The key is to know how to get her in the bedroom with out making you appear as well keen.

I got a fantastic speed seduction technique I am sharing with you. It is a extremely quick and efficient way to sleep with her. Nevertheless, you have to make sure you use it at the correct time and context.

This is not some thing you use when you initial meet a girl. I assuming you produced that "spark" or there is some attraction. As soon as you built that, then you move on to applying method. Make sure you do not just jump directly to it otherwise you will crash and burn.

Here it goes:

1. Talk to her about sex: Ladies need to be mentally stimulated before having sex. They are not physical creatures like men. If require to mentally get her in the mood of sex. The best way to do that is to talk about it. The very best way to do it is to let her talk about sex in a way she enjoys it. There is a extremely easy and simple way to do that. Ask her "what she enjoys about sex?".

two. Discover out what she feels: Okay you know what she enjoys about discover out something even more important. What it is that she is feeling when she is enjoying sex. This is important.

three. You can give her that feeling she enjoys: You then want her to believe that YOU can provide her with that feeling which she enjoys when having sex. If you make her believe you can then you will be getting sex with her!

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