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Refrigeration is key to the restaurant industry and industrial fridges are geared particularly to be used in places that will use it more intensively than the regular house owner. Maintaining foods at the correct temperature is important for the security of your clients and is some thing that health inspectors take extremely seriously. Maintaining meals at an incorrect temperature could mean a fast spread of bacteria that will make the meals inedible and probably make somebody sick.

There are a number of industrial fridges on the market that will make certain that your foods are always kept at just the right temperature. Initial in line is the Gram Light Duty Industrial Fridge. This fridge is really meant for light use and is ideal for keeping products that you don't have to go in and out to get. It would be a fantastic back up fridge and just right for storing your soups, desserts that require refrigeration and vegetables.

The Gram Light Duty Commercial Fridge measures twenty.five cubic feet and has a stainless steel exterior, a superior electronic controller and four anti-tilt shelves. It is simple to clean and is on castors so it can effortlessly be moved about.

Now if you require a industrial fridge that is more hefty duty you should certainly verify out the Polar Commercial Gastronorm 650 Liter Single Door Cabinet. Polar Refrigeration specializes in top of the line commercial fridges with all the bells and whistles.

The Gastronorm has an auto return magnetic door so it usually closes behind you and seals to maintain the temperature even. It has 3 anti-tilt height adjustable shelves to fit your specific requirements. You have enough space to put big pots of sauce or stock beneath and then have your three shelves hold smaller sized items.

The Gastronorm is the ideal example of what makes Polar Refrigeration so popular. It has an power conserving design, accurate temperature control and automatic defrosting that happens about four times a day for about 20 minutes for every defrost.

The Upright Fridge, another product of Polar Refrigeration, has a stainless steel exterior that has been painted whilst, an LED digital temperature display, and an electronic controller to keep the temperature correct exactly where you want it. Rear castors allow you to move this 14.one cubic foot commercial fridge about effortlessly.

If you have a extremely active dining establishment the Polar Upright 440 Liter Cabinet is constructed to take a great deal of use. It is one of Polar Refrigeration's most demanding commercial refrigerators and yet it is reasonably priced. The front castors lock in place and the self closing doors immediately close locking in the refrigeration. The Polar Upright 440 has 3 adjustable shelves, removable gaskets and a cooling fan that keeps the cold air evenly distributed.

With the proper refrigeration the mainstay of your restaurant business getting the right commercial fridge lets you focus on creating the food and not storing it properly. Polar Refrigeration understands what factors are essential to companies that depend on commercial refrigeration that delivers.

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