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Before we move on to anything it will be better that we know the difference between SEnuke X and SEnuke XCr. Well, SEnuke XCr is simply an updated version of SEnuke X, which have some advanced features in it. As SEnuke XCr is an updated version so we use SEnuke XCr only to provide SEnuke Services; so if we will be writing SEnuke that means SEnuke XCr. What SEnuke Does?

SEnuke is the most advanced software in the Internet marketing that will make your link building process a total new experience for you. As you are reading this page so I am assuming that you already know what links building is? Senuke have many link building modules in it.

 Article Submission
 Social Network a.k.a. Web 2.0 properties
 Press Release Submission
 Wiki Media Submission
 Google Places
 Social Bookmarking
 RSS Submission
 Web 2.0 Profile Link Building
 Forum Profile Link Building

Apart these modules SEnuke also have an inbuilt pinger and indexer. Pinger is used to ping all the created links to notify the search engines about the new content and Indexer will help you to get your links indexed very fast. What is SEnuke Service?

We are using SEnuke since the first day this particular software has been launched; and providing SEnuke service. So we know how to get best results out of this software. So What SEnuke Service basically is that we will be doing all your SEnuke Task and you don't even have to buy SEnuke which comes for $147. We are offering different SEnuke Service packages those you can check on SEnuke Service Packages page. Why You Need SEnuke Service?

Senuke have more than 170 article directories, more than 25 web 2.0 properties, more than 40 video sites , around 30 RSS websites and more than 100 bookmarking sites and much much more if go into technical details. But this software comes for $147 per month which is not affordable by most of the people out there. Apart this; learning this particular piece of software is also a tedious task.

So why not to hire some experts those are providing SEnuke Service to make you on ease. And here we come, we are providing you the best SEnuke Service and doing all your tasks that you can do with SEnuke and best part is you do not even have to buy the SEnuke, which saves you $147 per month directly. What I Will be getting in SEnuke Service?

We are offering few packages and you can choose what suits you best. Basically packages are divided in two major parts.

 When you will be providing the content.
 When we have to create the content as well.

We will then proceed with the content and then start running the content through SEnuke and will make sure proxies are getting changed as they have to be and other technical aspects so that link building looks very natural.

So your content will be submitted to over 178 article directories and over 30 social networks. After that RSS will be submitted of all social network links created. And then Bookmarking will be done on random basis so that process looks natural.

SEnuke Service contains building links via forum profile and web 2.0 profiles. There are more than 400 forum sites and more than 40 web 2.0 sites. All the links will be coming via keyword as anchor text.

You can also order your custom order if you don’t find any package suitable as per your need. As we are providing you very flexible SEnuke Serive, so everything will be done as per your requirements of you are ordering custom SEnuke Service package. Is SEnuke Service is Blackhat?

No Absolutly NOT! SEnuke create links in very natural way and this is NO blackhat at all. It is like you are submitting your content with the help of a machine which is making the process with less effort and making it faster. SEnuke creates links so naturally that even google cannot tell that this content is submitted manually or by using some sort of software.

So we want to assure you that on SEnuke Service, we are not doing any blackhat or Craphat, so you can be sure that your website will not be penalized for anything. Even we want to have permanent customers; so we won't be doing anything that will affect your website adversely. Is SEnuke Service Cost Effective? Why Not I Buy SEnuke and Do Stuff on My Own?

Using SEnuke is not just having it and press some buttons and you are DONE!! NO it's not like that you have to have writer to write content for you and you have to have spinners to provide you with spin syntax, then you have to write a author resource box and an about me section for the forum profile links. When you have all the contents ready then you have to run that from SEnuke and then bookmark and submitting RSS to the created links. So even after SEnuke automates the whole thing still you have to spent the time on it and you will realize it when you will be using it.

And SEnuke don't work alone you have to have VPN like HideMyAss that comes for $78 per year (as inbuilt proxies of SEnuke don't work that good ) and you also have to use paid captcha services which comes for $8 per 1000 captcha (if you are choosing the best one).

So in short spending $147 on senuke per month is not the only amount you have to pay. You even have to pay for writing services, Spinning services, VPN and captcha services. So If you are promoting any website then including SEnuke's monthly fee you will end up paying around $300 to $350 (which can be further increased if you use more content). And if you think you can do all this then we seriously suggest you to do all this on your own nothing can be better than that.

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