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Following a storm many pool owners see their pool area does not look right. It can be simply turning green or even a large mess with storm debris. It will require some attempt to restore your pool towards the previous condition of being balanced, neat and clear. So what are the best steps to really get your Swimming Pool To being safe to swim and appears great?

The first step would be to remove all debris that may have been left behind by a storm or excess rain. This need to be swimming the Pool with a Pool Skimmer. Additionally you will want to vacuum the swimming pool floor. If it’s overwhelming you can call Pool Cleaning Service and we'll take care of the problem.

Secondly, you’ll have to clean the pool filter. If there’s been a big storm, there’s no telling what all might be in there. Almost certainly, it needs to be cleaned.

You will want to test the water chemistry. Start first using the pH levels. You'll to insure your pools pH is at the recommended 7.2 level. Should the pH be to high, you will want to carefully add acids. This could be liquid hydrochloric acid or dry acid. The pH level might be below normal levels, in cases like this you need to give a alkali such as soda ash. Make sure no one is in the pool once you adding any chemicals. Let a few hours pass before you decide to allow anyone to swim inside the pool, including for normal maintenance. As soon as your pH is level, you might need to add an Algaecide or Chlorine Shock. Let every one of the chemicals in you pool work overnight.

The subsequent morning you might notice sediment at the base of the pool. Clean the swimming pool floor along with your pool vacuum. You should also double check the pool chemicals. Look at the PH of course, if it’s within the acceptable range of 7.2, your family are ready to swim.

There are numerous specifics and lots of legwork involved with this process. If you’d enjoy having more time to spend doing things other than pool maintenance, call Blue Frog Pool Care.