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Cycle is maybe one of the oldest and least expensive modes of transportation. It is not only environment friendly, but it also assures well being advantages to the riders. Most children own a bicycle correct from the time they are toddlers. As they grow, their bicycles keep obtaining bigger and much more sophisticated. I assume most households would have a bicycle. Therefore, place 1 before you and begin sketching.

You will need the following art resources: one. Pencil two. Paper/ canvas 3. Colors (optional) four. Paint brush (optional) five. Ruler

Drawing a Bicycle: We are drawing a men's bicycle dealing with right.

Fundamental Framework • Tires: Draw two circles, two to three inches apart from every other. • Wheel Hubs & Gear Method: Draw two small circles, 1 in each tire for the wheel hub and the third near the rear tire for the gear system (the slot from where the wheel chain functions). • Bicycle Rods: - Rear: Draw a slanting line extending out of the gear system, finishing a small above the rear tire. - Centre: Draw an additional inclined line towards the front tire, forming an irregular 'V' form. Sketch a horizontal line to join both the slants forming an inverted 'A' form. - Front: Lengthen a diagonal, beginning from the front wheel hub. It should be parallel to the rear rod. • Gear Slot: Draw a slanting line from the rear wheel hub to the wheel chain slot. Form another inclined line above it to join at the rear rod of the cycle. This ought to resemble a 'V' shape, tilted at a sixty degrees angle in the direction of the right. • Paddle, Saddle & Handle Bar: Give the cycle a sturdy paddle at the wheel chain, a safe saddle on the rear rod, and a sporty handle bar.

Double up all the lines to give it depth and dimension.

Enhancements • Spokes: Draw a number of lines in between the tires. Too numerous lines would make it look crowded. Therefore, ensure adequate spacing between the spokes. • Tires: You might outline the inner and outer circles of the tires with a black pen and fill in the tube with a dark gray to give it a realistic touch. Type some thread markings too on the tires. • Basic colour: You can select from a selection of shades. You may want to paint it in red or pink for a soft touch or dark purple, blue, or maroon for a sporty masculine touch. • Handle Bar: Type brake cables and a bell on 1 side of the handle bar. • Gear method fender: Type an irregular oval, extending from the gear system to the rear wheel hub. Colour it in a striking contrast to the basic scheme. • Wheel fenders: Type curved lines over each the wheels. Double up these lines and give it a color. • Distinctive markings: You can personalize your bicycle by sketching distinctive symbols. • Accessorize: You may include a small utility basket under the deal with bar or sketch a back stand above the rear tire to hold books or other objects.

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