GPS Tracking For Rental Car Services Part 1

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GPS Tracking For Rental Car Services: Part 1
GPS tracking: No risky business & very efficient
Renting a motorcar is the go-to solution for summer travelers which don't want to place mileage their own vehicle, but also don't wish to pay to fly. People who just love car rental services know that while be profitable, there is a lot which comes along with allowing total strangers to loan their most effective property. This kind of in mind, there is not better than GPS tracking to profit the car rental companies monitor their assets. In GPS Tracking for Small Businesses_ What’s Different of this series, we'll be explaining a few ways GPS tracking could be useful to prevent risky business and enable the company be very efficient.
(1.) Live Maps: GPS Tracking for Off-Road Vehicle Rental Providers not using GPS tracking are prepared to take vehicles being stolen with, possibly, no way for recuperation. What comes the second thing is? Insurance claims. Yuck! No one likes to be able to file insurance claims! With GPS tracking, a live, 3G map allows precise location associated with an rental car to be located within minutes. There's no reason to not know where your rental vehicles will be.
(2.) GPS TRACKING FOR OLDER ADULTS – REAL-TIME LOCATION TRACKING : Car rental companies can restrict the rental on their vehicles depending on a specific region. Would the vehicle travel outside among the permitted area, the alert will be sent via email and/or text marketing. That's right, alerts can be set to ping once the vehicles is there to motion, specially it isn't supposed for you to become.
Your rental cars hold an excellent of value for your rental company and in case you are not using GPS tracking then you run an increased risk of decreasing your bottom sequence. Money being shelled out for paying insurance deductibles and purchasing replacement vehicles is more than prevention, in the long term. A bonus to being safer with GPS tracking, is that the insurance company may a person with a lower rate. Ready to give GPS tracking a try? Want to to see for yourself? Stick around for part only!