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We have the most complete range of fusible inks on the marketplace these days utilized in a wide range of applications such as fire dampers, fire safety doors and extinguishing systems, ventilation hatches, fire curtains and a lot much more. They are widely used all about the globe to ensure fire security, public security and home safety by supplying an instant response to fire and smoke.

All of our goods comply with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. fire protection requirements Factory Mutual Research Corporation and NFPA requirements.

We provide hyperlinks that offer fusing temperatures from 135 degrees F to 500 degrees F with numerous load ratings, hyperlinks that can respond to thermal conditions with either low price single use hyperlinks or can be resettable multi-use along with a variety of electro-thermal release devices.

What ever your requirements are in fusible hyperlink technology Fusible Link and Fire Damper Supplies are here to offer you high quality and dependability, so if you would like to discover out more about our company and our range of goods please go to our website which contains examples of our fire protection goods, product information and their applications.