Fusible Hyperlink 165 Degree Dayton 2TGJ3 for Fire Dampers7161155

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This is a 165 degree Fahrenheit fusible hyperlink replacement that is primarily utilized for fire dampers, and much more popular with Dayton, but also with Lloyd Industries, and Ruskin dampers that are intended to close automatically to assist prevent the spread of flames with the help of this fusible link.

Bonus: You will obtain x2 Stainless Steel S Hooks with your Fusible Hyperlink. Most dampers do not require them, but some do.

Size: Length/Height: 1-1/2″ (1.500 Inches) Width: 1/2″ (.562 Inches) Distance In between Centers: .930 Inches

FITS THE FOLLOWING FIRE DAMPERS: Dayton: 2TFZ4, 2TFZ5, 2TFZ6, 2TFZ7, 2TFZ8, 2TFZ9 – Round Fire Damper, 165 Deg F, 13-five/8 In. D Lloyd Industries: CRD50-55, 4X, 6X, and all Boots Ruskin: FDR Fuse Assembly

Fire dampers are produced to shield the following: – duct penetration – transfer openings in fire rated walls – barriers – partitions – floor & ceiling assemblies – fire and smoke

Fire damper goods are utilized in: – heating and cooling gear – ventilation gear and supplies – air conditioning ducts diffuse – HVAC and refrigeration – shutters and louvers

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