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If you believe about it, plastic packaging for DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are not truly that bad in terms of function and practicality. They are simple and cheap to create for mass consumption and are fairly versatile in terms of design and size. Sadly, plastics also have a tendency to be problematic for the environment. They do not decompose well, can produce toxic fumes during production and, let's admit it, not a lot of DVD and Blu-Ray owners really recycle. So what's the very best answer? Try environmentally friendly DVD and Blu-ray instances.

Green packaging: What you can expect

DVD and Blu-Ray cases are created from recycled supplies such as paper, foam, paperboard and old plastics. As such, many eco-friendly packaging are categorized as 'no-plastic', 'low-plastic', 'bio-degradable or with bio-degradable content' or 'recycled'. Depending on the manufacturer, the packaging used on particular batches of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs may or may not consist of particular kinds of recycled supplies.

Advantages of environmentally friendly DVD and Blu-Ray cases

DVD and Blu-Ray cases are beneficial in many ways. A few of their advantages include:

Biodegradable and recyclable

DVD and Blu-Ray instances are manufactured with the conscious work of making certain that materials used can and will break down when disposed of. Supplies are also recyclable, which indicates that they can be re-used once more and once more, without requiring any extra raw supplies.

Manufacturing processes involved in producing recyclable materials are also eco-friendly, in that they produce only 85% (at the minimum) much less carbon dioxide than conventional supplies.

Flexibility in design

Environmentally friendly cases utilized for DVDs and Blu-Ray discs can come in a wide variety of styles and color. Even though most cases are sold pre-formed (2-panel, four-panel, with closed pockets, etc.), buyers can almost usually order a customized design to suit their needs and preferences.

Much more lightweight than conventional supplies

Environmentally friendly DVD and Blu-Ray cases tend to be lightweight, creating them simpler to pack, shop and ship. Most packaging made from recycled supplies are 40 - 50% lighter than traditional supplies such as plastic. With lighter packaging, producers and retailers save on costs associated to shipping and transport.

Green printing

Producers of environmentally friendly DVD and Blu-Ray instances often use inks made from plants and vegetables. This kind of organic ink tends to make it feasible to create texts and design whilst using waterless printing technology.

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