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Empire Market is one of the newest, most recent deep internet marketplaces to pop up on the Tor network, so clearly we had to get this Empire Market review done.

Let me leave a fair warning though, it is nonetheless in its infancy, nonetheless budding and there aren’t a LOT of products more than there (although we will update this review with time).

The reason we’re obtaining this review done correct now is to give you an concept of what the platform aims to achieve, its security attributes, trust-elements, and what its possible appears like.

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Empire Market Overview

Empire Market’s most distinguished function is that it’s almost like a clone to Alphabay. Yes, the formerly most well-liked, most utilized and arguably the most trusted deep web market that existed.

Even the Tagline that Empire Market utilizes is “In memory of Alexander Cazes”, and Cazes as we know was the owner and founder of Alphabay, who died tragically in a prison following becoming arrested.

So, Empire Market is not trying to hide the reality that it is influenced by Alphabay, rather it appears much more like a tribute to Alexander and Alphabay.

Other than that, it’s a normal deep web market which facilitates the purchasing and promoting of products which are difficult to get, illegal, or banned in most nations of the nation.

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