Dirty Secrets to Passing UTME Exams Or Jamb Exams and Scoring Extremely High Marks7683798

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Many students that have concluded their UTME/Jamb registration believe that UTME/Jamb exam is difficult, the truth is that it is as hard as you make it or see it, for many who know the secret it is not hard at all. But you require to know these points, prior to going into the examination hall:

Very first: Study hard and be ready for the queries Two: Know the approach to answer UTME/JAMB examination queries.

For instance, in the sciences such as Chemistry and Physics, the first couple of pages are filled with calculations whereas the final pages are straight answer concerns. If you are not aware, you will start from the beginning wasting time on calculation questions you can resolve ordinarily. But if you answer the simple questions very first, you would have settled down and gained some time prior to attempting the calculation component.

If Biology is component of your subjects, run by means of it before going to chemistry and Physics. You will certain get a lot more than half the time saved for Chemistry and Physics. In Maths, you are graded based on the quantity of concerns you answered correctly. If you can answer 30 queries out of 50 for instance and get them all properly, you will get a larger mark than someone who attempted all queries through guess work.

JAMB/UTME ENGLISH - Study your concerns initial just before answering.

Three: Find out to practice with past questions as the examiners, no matter how creative or crafty, would nonetheless come out with similar questions to the previous concerns.

Finally neglect about "runs" since most of the "runs" men do not know anything. There are so many of them who can not speak great English and nevertheless they profess to organize "runs" for JAMB students. How do you anticipate the students to pass by means of such "runs"?

Following the above actions is the easiest way to find your self on campus come subsequent academic session. Hope to see you on campus next session.

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