移動: 案内検索
Noel/Dragon Knight Princess Noel
レアリティ 56px-GOD.png
属性 40px-Fire.png
コスト 28
最大レベル 120
最大HP 2199
最大攻撃力 1658
最大防御力 1152
Dragon Lance Paralyze
3x Stab attack, chance to Paralyze
Paralyze Power
When self is paralyzed, boosts main card's damage by 35%
Dragoons of Annihilation
竜騎士アズロcard.png 竜騎士ラグナcard.png 竜姫騎士ノエルcard.png 竜機兵ヴァルトcard.png
竜騎士アズロ, 竜騎士ラグナ, 竜姫騎士ノエル, 竜機兵ヴァルト


Noel has the highest Attack stat in the entire game, and the heavily considered best attacking skill-type in the entire game.

That's it, you are now an expert on Noel.

In seriousness, Noel is an absolutely FRIGHTENING card, boasting a powerful attacking stat and skill, which comes with the nasty after-effect of paralyze if you fail to kill the target. Her damage is quite simply one of the highest in the game, only matched by other monstrous cards such as Coyote and Penguin, but coming with a scary status effect as well.

Her only downsides would be a completely worthless sub-skill, a mediocre fusion alongside some fairly common cards, and a stat total that will leave you somewhat squishy in wake of her absolutely monstrous attack.

Overall, a card completely worth rolling for and definitely worth putting in your deck. Her competition includes the powerful Mammon, and she exists in one of the best attacking colors in the game, but her damage is so absurd she can easily fight her way over most of them.

Main Skill[編集]

DMG 0.75× 0.80× 0.85× 0.92× 1.0× 1.1× 1.2×
PARALYZE 30% 32% 34% 38% 43% 48% 55%

There are basically only two results if Noel goes off, she will either completely destroy you or leave you paralyzed and ripe for the picking. Her numbers are similar to other cards with a status effect and three-hit attack, only bolstered by her ridiculous stats, giving her some of the highest damage output in the game.

Her attack is best used for sheer damage, as while her rate of paralyzation is good, you can't paralyze people who are dead and Noel is very good at inflicting death. Paralyze is none the less, one of the best status effects and inflicting it when behind can win you the game, if maybe at the cost of one of your strongest attackers in the team.

Sub Skill[編集]

While a boost comparable to the NUMBERS of high level subs such as Walrus, the boost is damage, which has a lower increase than skill boost. At that, being paralyzed is never a situation you want to be in and limits your ability to draw the cards that has this very specific boost.

Couple this with the loss of Noel as a main card, and I kind of wonder why you're even reading this.