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レアリティ 56px-GOD.png
属性 40px-Fire.png
Girl, God
女の子, 神
コスト 28
最大レベル 120
最大HP 2129
最大攻撃力 1382
最大防御力 1500
Flames of Confusion
Deals 3x huge fire damage to enemies with a chance to confuse (damage dealt increases with the amount of buffs you or the enemy have)
Peace and Prosperity
Increases skill power of main by 10%, plus increases the amount you recover by 5%
バステトcard.png ガーディアンcard.png 吉祥天card.png メルクリウスcard.png 占い師サフィcard.png
バステト, ガーディアン, 吉祥天, メルクリウス, 占い師サフィ


Kisshouten is of the moment, probably one of the best Elemental cards for raw damage- which is saying a surprising amount, actually. With the achievement of an easy conditional for increased damage, Kisshouten is capable of putting out large numbers with surprisingly little effort. The catch of course, is that this damage is significantly less against non-grass monsters, and almost neglible against blue monsters. However, against green monsters Kisshouten is incredibly powerful and should not be underestimated.

Kisshouten's main flaws however are a somewhat limited pool of subs (There are only two S monster that will boost her), a lackluster stat setup (sub 1400 attack, mediocre hp, and too much defense), and inclusion in a pool with an enhance card she would desire as a PVE pubstar (Mercurius). Her damage is also optimally based around buffs, so events where your allies are not willing to buff you and the boss does not will drastically weaken her. None the less, her fusion is not particularly bad (Refresh is rather handy), and her stats somewhat even out in the end due to the absurd multiplier stackup her skill achieves.

Kisshouten's main draw however should be green events, and there is no real advantage to playing her outside of those except to trigger refresh easily on status-based events. Please also read Volklingen to understand how he works as a sub.

Main Skill[編集]

DMG .8x .8x .8x .8x .8x .8x .8x
ELEM MOD 2x 2.2x 2.4x 2.7x 3x 3.4x 3.8x

Damage modifier is not final and does not include the damage increase from buffs, this is based off of Anubis, who has a different modifier than Qued, so there could be a number difference. We are however fairly certain it is likely not significant, and are certain there has been no change in elemental modifiers- so the damage is likely similar BEFORE buffs come into play, post buffs we do not have access to numbers. These numbers are still valuable for colosseum, regardless.

Kisshouten's active is straight up damage in all forms, and being elemental is also only effective damage versus green targets- She will do absolute shit all versus red or blue targets, and this should be made very very clear. You also desire buffs to reach effective damage, as without you are very very unlikely to do as much as you desire.

None the less, once you've achieved the two conditions of having a green target and having significant buffs on the field- Kisshouten goes straight to town.

These modifiers are relatedly, mostly PVE-based, so Kisshouten is a card I would suggest replacing for colosseum.

Sub Skill[編集]

While underwhelming with such a low buff- Kisshouten's 10% skill boost is still general, which works in it's favor. She makes a fine off-icon sub on many support cards, since their S subs have generally underwhelming numbers. She is especially effective on healing cards, since she also boosts them with her bonus 5% on incoming healing- which is also a nice defensive perk, as it applies to your ally's heals on you as well.

Overwhelmingly, if you're going to make a sub out of Kisshouten make it a support card, or a card you have nothing better on. She fits anywhere you can't do better on, really.

She is also an acceptable fire elemental icon sub, just due to their scarcity and her SS skill level and level providing significant stats.