移動: 案内検索
レアリティ 56px-GOD.png
属性 40px-Fire.png
コスト 28
最大レベル 120
最大HP 2219
最大攻撃力 1437
最大防御力 1352
Shot Breaker
3x Hit attack, chance to Petrify (when target is already Petrified, remove target's Status but increase attack's damage)
Sniping Shot
When main card's Attack skill activates, add 1x Hit attack (damage increased when self's HP is high)
Fighting Spirit of the Pirates
ブラックベアcard.png メアリーcard.png
ブラックベア, メアリー


Boasting a powerful skill, and an equally powerful status- Mary is a very, very good card. Her flaws are spectacularly few, except that in truthfullness she does not entirely shine outside of being the top of her very narrow class. Nonetheless, she is a solid attacker, and a very solid subcard to boot.

As a main card, Mary brings to the table an insanely powerful skill- 3x Hit and petrify is normal, but when the target is already petrified this damage is doubled. Theoretically, this can happen mid volley to lead to some very nasty numbers out of her. Suffice to say, she is also perhaps the only really solid Strike damage red has as a color at the moment, and even then is unlikely to completely drop out. However, her attacking stat is not particularly outstanding, falling behind in a very competitive attacking color, and her boost, while extremely powerful, is not reliable or long term, and can be eased by cards such as Pharaoh.

As a subcard, Mary boasts one of the best extra attacks in the game, scaling off of your HP to do damage, however, like most extra attacks, this is honestly very mediocre compared to basically anything else.

Overall, Mary's got no real flaw, and can be incredibly powerful, a card well worth picking up if you can.

Main Skill[編集]

DMG 0.75× 0.80× 0.85× 0.92× 1.0× 1.1× 1.2×
PETRIFY 30% 32% 34% 38% 43% 48% 55%
DMG (Petrify) 1.5x 1.6x 1.7x 1.84x 2.0x 2.2x 2.4x

Sweet and simple, pray to your gods if you meet a Mary while petrified. A solid 3x hit with a status, and a very very nice bonus if she procs it, there is no real flaw to Mary's skill, bar the fact Petrify itself reduces the damage the petrified unit takes- So leaving someone petrified, while still hindering them, will make non-Mary cards hit less.

Mary should be played as a typical 3-hit regardless of her boosted damage state, her attack will let her deal damage just fine. Theres no need to wait for a petrify or attempt to get the 2x bonus, it will happen mid-volley with all likelihood and is honestly simply a bonus to her skill. Being the only Red Strike attacker (bar Charlotte) that does real damage, she will always be in your team during strike weeks.

Sub Skill[編集]

Mary's subskill is pretty solid, but not particularly spectacular. As it scales with Higher HP, like most extra attacks it is best used in colosseum as opposed to in PVE, but boasts a nice bonus of not turning off in PVE when you get punched in the face.

Numbers for it will be added later.