移動: 案内検索
レアリティ 56px-GOD.png
属性 40px-Fire.png
コスト 26
最大レベル 120
最大HP 2244
最大攻撃力 1452
最大防御力 1226
Golden Bow and Arrow
1x Stab attack and +1 to ATK (on straight+, +2 to ATK instead)
敵モンスターに突属性のダメージを与え、攻撃力をUPする (ストレート以上の時、攻撃力がさらにUP)
God of the Sun
Boosts Fire main card's skill by 15%
Divine Flames of Immortality
アポロンcard.png イフリーナcard.png 祓魔師ヨハンcard.png フェニックスcard.png
アポロン, イフリーナ, 祓魔師ヨハン, フェニックス


One of the few cards to get a major boost from some sub-card system changes, Apollo is a mediocre attacker that boasts an incredibly powerful after-effect, and is a very powerful card that is not bad to have around. While he pales in damage to other red Stab cards, such as Mammon and Noel, he makes up for it with sheer versatility.

Apollo's main strength as a card is definitely his generalized red skill boost, allowing him to buff up red enhances such as Ifrina and Gambler, as well as work as an SS sub for any red card you may desire, and ultimately works well on the powerful red stab attacker base, including himself. However, as a main card, while his damage may not be as strong as it used to be, his ability to buff attack is now effected by his subs- meaning you can easily boost his buff up to +4 or +5, and flash buff yourself to maximum attack.

However, he shares a nasty super fusion pool that will cause him to fuse with one of the more popular PVE stars such as Ifrina, which may ruin your day, or your attacker's enhance. Proceed with caution when playing your Apollo.

Main Skill[編集]

黄金の弓矢 敵モンスターに突属性のダメージを与え、攻撃力をUPする



DMG 1.3× 1.4× 1.5× 1.65× 1.8× 2.0× 2.2×
ATK+ Buff 0.85(+0) 1.0(+1) 1.15(+1) 1.3(+1) 1.45(+1) 1.6(+1) 1.75(+1)
ATK+(straight+) -- -- -- -- -- 2.0(+2) 2.2 (+2)

Apollo's damage is surprisingly strong, boasting a slightly higher modifier than average and having a respectable attack- but as always his true power lies in his buff. With it now being powered up by skill boost sub cards, it can reach +3 or +4 easily, and with extreme enough subcards can even reach the peak at +5 on straight+ hands. His buff will not be effected by enhance cards, but his damage will.

Sub Skill[編集]

Apollo's sub skill is incredibly flexible, allowing you to promote a boost on any red card that may need it- and unconditionally, to boot. This is obviously less efficient off skill icon, but the skill boost is equivalent to most S unconditional subs, and the stats from Apollo's higher level base will generally make you come out somewhat even, though prioritizing him over S cards would be a mistake, making him a good fix to any skill types you're missing subs for.

On skill-icon, his choices are pretty fantastic. Including stars such as Noel and Mammon, you can make great use of his high skill level for a massive amount of stats over S cards, making him a good choice over even 25% S cards, in most cases. However, his competition in this regard is pretty high on the SS front, as spear includes the powerful general boost of Meiling, and the conditional 28% of Jade. These boosts are however non-restricted to color, so Apollo still may get use, even if you have them.

Also most notably, 15% is basically the par number for most Enhance and Support cards- only dwarfed by a few subcards, mostly conditional. The slight problem Apollo faces in this front is the slightly crummy base of Enhance and Support for red, basically consisting of Ifrina, Gambler, and Pearl- Not a huge pool, and with some questionable choices.