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A business card is usually a piece of paper containing the name, address, and contact information of the person giving the card. Information contained on this piece of paper also includes the company name or the business affiliations of the giver.

Business cards are now noticed as a indicates of advertisement or marketing. This allows prior clients to easily recall a business and do company with them again. Because of this, employees of businesses, especially advertising executives, appear for a means to be in a position to produce company cards that are expert and eye-catching at a affordable cost.

This require for company cards brought about a new category of printing, which is business card printing. Companies usually want uniform company cards for their workers. These business cards include the company's logo along with the company motto. At first, business cards had been printed in black and white. But as the company globe dominated people's lives, the demand for business cards grew, resulting in color printing. Alongside this improvement in company card printing was the emergence of more sophisticated styles, graphics, and designs for company cards.

Business cards are usually printed on a 1/8 size of print paper. People who want their personal company cards can now choose to have a colored business card with a complete-color back or a colored print with a back in black and white. The development of digital printing greatly improved the quality of prints. The coating added to company cards, which leaves a shiny finish, is another improvement in company card printing.

The developments in company card printing, however, have resulted in a number of setbacks. For example, there has been a expanding number of fraud cases wherein customers are duped into believing the authenticity of a company's company because of the good quality of company cards given to them.

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