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Twist Shake Shout Dance/ Workout New concept for Dance,workouts, Weight Reduction and fitness. Beatle Things re-makes several Beatles Songs to include their version HEY JUDE and Twist and Shout

Beatle Things and their publisher Roxx Starzz Anonymous llc announce the creation and Official release of their researched concept of a NEW Dance/Workout for Weight reduction and Cardio Health. The "TWIST Shake Shout Dance/Workout." With the success of Ariana Grande eclipsing the Beatles 55 Year Billboard Hits record, and the soon to be release of the Movie "YESTERDAY". The Beatles popularity and legendary Music has sparked interest to an entire New Generation. Demographically age groups that go to Dance Clubs / Exercise Classes/ frequent Gyms, and recognize the easily attained benefits of Weight loss from Dancing.

Medical research has concluded that Dancing is a most significant means of Cardio Health and Music for Healing, Motivation, and Stress relief as well. All factors evidence the benefit of Beatle Things newly developed Concept.

This music is a result of blending scientifically produced beats and harmonics injected into Re-Constructed legendary Beatles tunes, for use in Home, Gym, or anyplace Dance/ Workouts.

Beatle Things has incorporated this Science with Medically researched and proven success, utilizing Music for healing, and Stress relief. Introducing the Newest GENRE of Fun exercise music as opposed to the generic electronic pulses currently experienced in Gyms and Workout systems.

The "Twist Shake Shout Dance/Workout " Video features the Legendary hits A Hard Day’s Night / and a Totally re-created version of Twist and Shout. Twist Shake Shout ( Workout Version). All Produced and performed by Beatle Things and the perfect motivational music for their appeal and popularity.

As opposed to the expensive and disappointing, mostly boring weight loss methods the Music Twist Shake Shout ( Workout Version) may be downloaded for UNDER a Dollar ( US) only 99 Cents, and is available on all Streaming services and Media Outlets.

The "Twist Shake Shout Dance/Workout" can be performed at any location by all ages and the intensity and Impact is determined by the individual, as demonstrated in the 8-Minute Video published on You Tube and on the Beatle Things Website

Beatle Things and Roxx Starzz Anonymous llc respectfully reserve the confidentiality of their production methods and All Intellectual Property Rights

Beatle Things