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There are several software program applications accessible for printing your own CD and DVD covers. You can print a cover for a Jewel case, or a sticker label for the disc. If you have a Lightscribe disc drive, there are some software program packages that permit you to print straight on the disc. If you've been putting off obtaining your CD / DVD collection organized, then study on.

It's Easier Than You Might Believe - Most CD Label Maker Software programs have templates to help you via the procedure of creating a CD cover or a sticker label. You'll be presented with images of a blank CD, and you simply click on the template to add text, pictures, or artwork. You don't have to be a Graphic Artist to make a professional searching CD or DVD cover.

Customize Your Collection - Some label makers permit you to add your own art and photographs. You can have a CD cover with your children's pictures, weddings, and birthdays. They're great for special occasions like Christmas or vacations. If you have a band, you can make your own custom CD cover.

Get Organized - As soon as you have made labels, you will be in a position to location them neatly in CD containers or shelves. Also, you can sort your CD collection by music, photographs, or data, then place them in a different CD storage container.

Save Time - Aren't you tired of trying to guess whats on each CD? Marking them with a felt tip pen does not appear that fantastic either. Once you/ve got a label or cover for every of your CD's and DVD's, you don't have to fumble via a pile of discs to find the 1 you are searching for. This alone is well worth the cost of CD Label Maker Software.

Be a Show-off - Getting a CD or DVD collection with your own art and photographs is certain to impress everybody who sees it.

Making your own CD / DVD covers not only is easy, it will also save you a lot of time, and your collection will appear fantastic.

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