13 Chilling Justifications To Stop Drinking Diet Soda Now

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Lately there has been lots of discussion about a study that found that people who drank at least 1 diet soda a day were more prone to gain weight and suffer Metabolic Syndrome. The high levels of acids like phosphoric acid in soda will dissolve the enamel in your teeth, leading to tooth decay and possibly causing your teeth to fall out. Diet pop is filled with carcinogens, such as caramel colour, formaldehyde, and potassium benzoate. All these substances are linked to high rates of various kinds of cancer, plus they are generally found in diet sodas. This four-minute clip, which mentions several peer-reviewed studies, is a part of the American Chemical Society's (ACS) Reactions science video series.

It's terrible having to discover that items within my regular food, although luckily I never drink pop of all kinds. I've discovered that I will gradually learn how to endure diet soda over time, and when I 've it using a meal to deflect some of this aftertaste. No, rather there's this boneheaded assumption that anything man made is instantaneously poor for you, but ingesting St. John's wort, and the rest of the placebos foisted on the American public (all away from the overseeing eye of the FDA of course), is totally okay.

According to Beverage Digest, total sales of soda (sugar and diet) were 10.2 billion cases in 2005; that rounds out to be about 828 eight-ounce servings a year (or 2-1/2 servings per day) for every man woman and child. A regular 12-ounce soda contains the equivalent of nine teaspoons of sugar, generally in the type of high fructose corn syrup. Then you switch to diet soda and if you get a disproportionate quantity of your daily caloric intake from soda, you might lose weight. Because it appears that artificial sweeteners can set up us to gain more weight, however, I emphasize the word may.

I loved the flavor of diet coke, but I found that carbonated water using a splash of lemon (Trader Joes has lovely big Italian bottles for less than $1 with only water and lemon!) does the trick. I'm one of those people that's a diet soda every couple of days - averaging about 3 cans per week (sometimes 6 per week; sometimes none). I'm not a person who is crippled with intense sugar cravings that I'm wanting to stave off with my Zero. Ever since my loving husband and I went Primal in December, we have cut out pop completely; both the standard and the diet.

The stuff over here's not bad (it even includes coconut oil; the sole difficulty for me (Choc Macadamia's my favourite) is the soya lecithin, as I try to avoid all soy products). Soda is indeed highly acidic that it would take months to try and dilute it in your system in the event you were fortunate to find water using a neutral pH. Most waters are just a little less acidic than pop. If you employ pH test drops to test soda, the soda sample has to be a colour that is clear to help you compare the results into a color chart to learn its pH. It is possible to analyze colored soda beverages should you employ an electronic pH tester.

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